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We specialize in ecommerce with a focus on BUILDING brand equity, staying ENGAGED with consumers and GROWING revenues through unconditional EXECUTION.

ebusiness consulting

Your business has a unique personality made up of various facets that include customers, stakeholders, processes, history and more. To build an ecommerce strategy with velocity we have to understand your personality and long term goals in order to shape an agile, evolutionary and scalable path to continued success.

  • Ecommerce strategy, process and workflow
  • Ecommerce platform selection
  • Accounting, ERP and 3rd party logistics consulting
  • Omni-Channel strategy, POS and Order management consulting

social marketing

Social Marketing has become an extremely cost effective and versatile way to consistently reach new and existing customers. With our extensive social experience and insights we empower businesses to create, leverage and execute social strategies that elevate consumer engagement, brand equity and return on investment.

  • Social strategy and execution
  • Social campaigns and contests
  • Content creation and production

seo & sem consulting

By now you know that keywords are a thing of the past. If not, surprise! They don’t matter anymore. SEO and SEM have been long considered a black-art with many variables that contribute to the success of search visibility. We create best practice checklists and on-page optimizations to increase your site’s visibility and increase site traffic.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Pay Per Click strategy and management

analytics & analysis

Perfection isn’t an actual destination but an on-going process consistening of measuring, reviewing, and executing. We review vital data and identify trends and anomalies to evolve workflows and experiences across our projects. This part of the process is frequently overlooked and under-appreciated but is pivotal to sustaining growth.

  • Google Analytics management and analysis
  • Pixel tracking setup, management and analytics
  • Tag management setup, management and analytics

brand and identity

A logo is worth 1000 words and we’ve helped create and build brands with lasting impressions across many industries. Our process takes us from understanding and embracing your business’s core values to translating it to an identity that resonates with your target markets.

  • Customer Research
  • Market & Competitive Research
  • Logo Design
  • Style Guides & Brandbooks

visual design

We take great pride in developing simple, effective and dramatic visual components. From eCommerce sites and web apps to print and packaging we intuitively fuse your branding and information to create beautiful and functional visual designs.

  • Responsive ecommerce websites
  • Web Apps & Microsites
  • Print & Infographics
  • Packaging

user interface & experience

A successful user experience combines smart visual design and effective information architecture. Our goal is to create a relevant, intuitive and conversion driven customer experience.

  • User experience mapping and design
  • Interface & Usability design
  • Storyboarding & Wireframing
  • Focus Groups

information architecture

This is considered to be the technical part of the design process. We gather, understand, organize and place information with the deliberate purpose to engage, inform and convert customers.

  • Information flow and design
  • Site mapping
  • Site structure mapping and design

front-end & back-end development

Whether transforming design to pixel perfect responsive experiences or creating highly customized features our recipe for successful code development involves creativity, experience, passion, discipline, restraint and documentation.

  • Pixel perfect & mobile optimized frontend development
  • Disciplined & secure backend development
  • Development & Staging development environments
  • Strict GIT code version control and documentation

ecommerce platform integration

Once a platform is chosen the focus begins on building and developing the platform. From configuring settings, populating products to documenting, auditing and customizing code we specialize in helping your business leverage all of the platform features.

  • Ecommerce platform development and customization
  • Expertise with Magento, Prestashop and Amazon Web Store
  • Code review and audits

3rd party software and extensions

Sometimes to increase the flexibility and scalability of an ecommerce platform extensions and 3rd Party software must be incorporated. We are experts with managing extensions and integrating 3rd Party software vendors into your platform securely.

  • Extension qualification and auditing
  • Extension installation and maintenance
  • 3rd Party custom integration and development (POS, ERP, 3PL etc.)

qa testing and performance optimization

In a world where browsers and devices become more fragmented, through quality assurance testing is important to maintain a consistent website experience. Moreover, website load times and speeds can effect user experience as well as sales revenue.

  • QA testing & debugging
  • Cross-browser & device testing
  • Code performance testing & Siege testing
  • Caching and Speed optimization

cloud hosting

Beyond creating and designing the software we make it a requirement to know the hardware it runs on. Our team of DevOps engineers allow us to design secure, optimized and scalable cloud hosting for your ecommerce platform. Your business has one point of contact for the entire platform development and hardware stack.

  • Managed Public, Private, Hybrid and Shared Cloud Hosting
  • Cloud Apps (Quickbooks, ERP, Sharepoint and File Servers)/li>
  • Firewall, Load balancing and CDN Caching
  • DNS registration and hosting

performance and scalability

Demand volatility is a threat to the bottom line of any business. We design, implement and monitor various performance and scalability offerings so your ebusiness can react and evolve to meet the unpredictable demand curves.

  • Ecommerce platform tuning and caching (Memcached, Redis and Varnish)
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) setup and management
  • Cloud Server load Balancing and clustering
  • DNS registration and hosting

enhancements, upgrades, migrations & fixes

Have a bug that’s causing an emergency? Developer dissapeared? We can help. We’re built to support the smallest of businesses through enterprise customers with thorough communication, accountability and responsibility.

  • Ecommerce platform enhancements and custom features
  • Emergency custom development and one-off fixes
  • Code troubleshooting
  • Ecommerce migrations and upgrades (software and server)

monitoring and resolution

In the chance that there’s a glitch, we’re the first to know, respond and resolve any issues that may arise. We are proactive and not reactive in how we manage our processes and workflows as to minimize potential problems.

  • Server and application monitoring
  • Performance monitoring and notification
  • Web and Database Server upgrades and maintenance
  • PCI Compliance management and Threat prevention



Our clients are really PARTNERS. As partners, we UNCONDITIONALLY commit ourselves to execute their goals. It is our MISSION to exceed EXPECTATIONS.



  • Location: San Francisco
  • Industry: Cosmetics/Beauty
What began as research for alternative renewable energy sources evolved into one of the biggest skincare breakthroughs in anti-aging technology harnessed from Microalgae.


  • Location: Williams, AZ
  • Industry: Automotive

KC HiLiTES KC HiLiTES, the dominant force in auxiliary and off road lighting. As the original manufacturer of off road lighting, beginning with the Daylighter®, KC has a rock solid reputation for quality and performance.


Jabbawockeez Jabbawockeez has developed a one-of-a-kind style that has been incredibly influential in the dance community, effectively changing the way people view dance around the globe. Dressed in expressionless white masks and gloves, they guide the audience’s attention away from individual identities and toward a unified group to create a canvas for the audience to visualize the music by painting artistic imagery through their intricate moves. Best known for being crowned the original champions of MTV’s “Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew,” the group’s unmatched talent and captivating style quickly became a fan favorite throughout the world.


  • Location: New York, NY
  • Industry: Beauty

Ouidad Curl Experts In 1984, as the pioneer of the curly hair industry, she opened the first salon in the country to cater exclusively to curly hair. Since then her trademarked cutting and styling techniques and specialized line of award winning products, have instilled confidence in curly and wavy haired people everywhere.


Vintage Wine Merchants We wanted our store to be more than an eclectic selection of superior quality wines at competitive prices. We wanted it to be a friendly, inviting place where both wine aficionados and novices felt at home. No pretension. No condescension. Just a group of people who understand that, in the end, drinking wine is about celebration – celebrating the moments of our lives as we live them.


  • Location: Beverly Hills, CA
  • Industry: Beauty

Kate Somerville Whatever your concern, whatever your skin type, it is my goal at Kate Somerville to give you the tools necessary for a healthy complexion. I care about your skin and have dedicated my professional career to finding solutions to your skin health concerns. Towards that goal, I have developed a complete line of products to address the needs of real people.

MasterCraft Safety / Impact Race Products

  • Location: Indianapolis, IN
  • Industry: Automotive

Impact Race Products / MasterCraft Safety When the opportunity to purchase Impact from Bill Simpson presented itself to Robbie Pierce, CEO of MasterCraft Safety, he saw the chance to make racers everywhere safer; including himself. Based in Santee, California and centered in close-proximity to the elusive Sonoran desert and the locale of the legendary Baja 1000, it is natural to understand why MasterCraft Safety is a company better know for its off-road safety products.Since 1970, MasterCraft Safety has become the leader and safety advocate for the off-road racing community through pioneering seat designs and occupant restraints. With the addition of driving suits in 2008, the company gained mainstream motorsports appeal in the NASCAR circles as newcomers such as Justin Lofton and seasoned veterans such as Jason Keller made the switch to the MasterCraft Safety suits and racing restraints. As the driving suits and restraints continued to gain momentum and popularity to a broader audience, it quickly became obvious to company CEO, Robbie Pierce, that and expanded product offering was necessary to continue his vision as a safety pioneer. MasterCraft Safety, under the direction of Pierce, quickly set its sights on expanding into helmets, gloves, shoes, and various other crucial motorsports safety products.


  • Location: New York, NY
  • Industry: Beauty

Julien Farel The Julien Farel Group is a French American company based in New York that delivers transformative products and services in the beauty and wellness industry. With salons in New York City, Miami and Cabo San Lucas, Julien opens pop up locations annually at the US Open Tennis Tournament and Sony Miami Open Tennis Tournament, giving the world’s best tennis players their competitive coifs.


  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Industry: Performance Apparel

Carapace Wetsuits In December of 2011, fed up with the poor fitting, low quality wetsuits on the market, co-founder Alex Wang started obsessing over how and if a high quality, custom-fit and affordable wetsuit could be built. After months of research, he teamed up with fellow waterman Andrew Park and together, they decided to take the leap of faith into the competitive wetsuit industry.


  • Location: Santa Monica, CA
  • Industry: Beauty

Jurlique Jurlique has spent over 25 years unearthing potent organic and natural ingredients, and developing our unique Bio-Intrinsic™ process to create the purest, most powerful skin care possible. From our organic farm in South Australia to our leading natural innovations, we’ve unlocked the potential of combining nature with science to create aesthetically pleasing effective products. For you, that simply means healthy, more beautiful skin.


Icon Vehicle Dynamics ICON Vehicle Dynamics is a premiere performance suspension manufacturer specializing in aftermarket suspension components for trucks, SUV’s and off road suspension development. The company’s business is customer-driven, technology-influenced, engineering-oriented and focuses on world-class manufacturing processes and techniques.


Jafra JAFRA Cosmetics International is committed to offering the very best skin care, cosmetics and fragrances as well as a real income and professional opportunity to its independent consultants around the world. This is why we are committed to our motto “JAFRA THE POWER TO TRANSFORM LIVES.”


  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Industry: Retail

SimpleTux These three friends decided to collectively make a change. After all, there were weddings around the world, proms, Bah Mitvah’s, Quinceaneras, debutante balls, fraternity formals…all pivotal events in a person’s life…all requiring men’s formal wear. All probably about to endure the same gut wrenching experience that we had each individually experienced. We couldn’t let that happen.
So it was then that SimpleTux was born. A one price, all inclusive, fashion conscious, customer service driven, online tuxedo rental company with curated looks styled by professionals. We want to make sure that your experience with us is just as memorable as the event you are attending.


Pacific Dualies For the past 30 years Pacific Dualies, Inc. has been a leader in designing, manufacturing and distributing quality dually truck wheel simulators and accessories. We are positioned to address the needs of both individual consumers and high volume distributors globally.


Rusty's Off Road Rusty’s Off-Road is a leader in the 4X4 industry with our innovative line of Jeep specific products. Our in-house manufacturing and R & D keeps our products on the cutting edge. With our in house manufacturing we are able to control cost and sell retail at wholesale cost without sacrificing quality. We have over 30 years of hands on experience in the off-road vehicle industry giving us the knowledge that few of our competitors have. Rusty’s has grown from a small business serving a regional market to a worldwide company. We have grown from a small 2 bay shop to an ever growing 65,000 square foot building. Yes, we too started off with torches and big hammers but today it’s high-tech measuring devises, precision machining centers, lasers, robots and a group of very dedicated employees to produce what we think are the very best in off road products.


We are a Digital Agency specializing in E-COMMERCE: Strategy, Design, Interaction & Omni-Channel. We believe in staying PASSIONATE about what we do and unconditionally EXECUTING our goals.

S ince 2000, Alliance Technologies has been managing and executing ecommerce digital strategies for businesses of all sizes; continuously aligning processes and technology with goals. We focus on establishing cohesive strategies, building scalable platforms and leveraging technology efficiently to increase capacity, productivity and the bottom line.

Our seasoned teams of strategists, designers and engineers, provide end-to-end ecommerce solutions across various industries.  From your customer touch points like Point of Sale (POS), Inventory & Order Management to Ecommerce Platforms and 3rd Party Logistics we expose the latest best practices, tools and innovations that can be forged with your business needs.



A t Alliance our mission is to give every client three key ingredients: Choice, Flexibility, and Results.

Every business’s culture, process and goals are different, and providing our customers with a variety of CHOICES gives them the opportunity to make the right decisions.

The competitive landscape and volatile consumer demands are in constant flux so delivering FLEXIBILITY allows our customers to scale 360 degrees, keeping their business in balance.

Ultimately, RESULTS is what builds trust, confidence and value so at Alliance we are focused on executing action items and commitments, while making sure we exceed expectations.


O ur process is simple but deliberate. Regardless of the project, industry or customer, the process remains constant.  Through our process we challenge what is accepted, we execute to push what is possible and keep evolving to stay relevant.

Every business and project is surrounded by unique variables that requires constant adjustments to maintain a successful formula.  Our process begins with reviewing high level goals, gathering requirements and understanding the components that will be a part of the project (i.e. stakeholders, resources, assets, etc). We must get to know your business in great detail including what we need to accomplish, who will be involved and what parameters we have to work within.   Accurate assessment gives us a solid framework so we can be efficient and effective in building the deliverables.
Developing a plan of attack even with situational variables is vital to setting and maintaining expectations. We pride ourselves on providing thorough Statement of Work documents which set mutual expectations between our team and customers. We define in granular details of how, what, why and when we will deliver the project’s action items.
Within our industry, we consider execution to be the most challenging part of the process. Having a great plan is important but being able to actually cross the finish line within budget and on-time is even harder. The key to our team’s success is our commitment to unconditionally execute our plan and to be accountable.
A step that tends to go missing is looking back after each project completion to measure where improvements can be made to planning, communicating and executing. More importantly, gauging if goals were met and analyzing various results.


Core Values
A lliance was founded on principles that reflect moral business decisions, strong work ethic and being proud of the work we produce. At the center of these principles are practical values that continues to shape the company, people, customers and partners with one shared goal; create meaningful and productive Alliances that keeps business evolving.

  • Be transparent and honest. If we don’t bring value to the table then we shouldn’t have a seat.
  • Stay hungry and humble. We have to be passionate and driven about our work, or complacency and ego will finish us.
  • Be thorough and accountable. Our word is our greatest strength which we have many chances to ruin but only one to uphold it.



Every Customer, Project and Experience ELEVATES and EVOLVES us individually and as team.


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Alan Wang

Alan Wang

CEO - Managing Partner View Details
Holmes Koo

Holmes Koo

General Manager View Details
Charlene Leung

Charlene Leung

Sr. Project Manager View Details
Nick Hartman

Nick Hartman

Lead Designer View Details
Armando Andrade

Armando Andrade

Sr. Developer [Team Lead] View Details
Megan Woo

Megan Woo

Sr. Frontend Developer View Details
Chris Hasbrouck

Chris Hasbrouck

Backend Developer View Details
Nicolas Gonzalez

Nicolas Gonzalez

Full Stack Developer View Details
Pavel Romashkin

Pavel Romashkin

Full Stack Developer View Details
Sam Yi

Sam Yi

Frontend Developer View Details
Emmanuel Garcia

Emmanuel Garcia

Frontend Developer View Details
Neil Ibrahim

Neil Ibrahim

Lead DevOps Engineer View Details
K.C. Lu

K.C. Lu

Associate DevOps Engineer - Asia Office View Details
Jackie Heredia

Jackie Heredia

Assoc. Project Manager View Details
James Park

James Park

Assoc. Technical Project Manager View Details
Apple Lin

Apple Lin

Assoc. Project Manager - Asia Office View Details
Cindy Lo

Cindy Lo

Controller View Details
Alan Wang

Alan Wang

CEO - Managing Partner

Alan is responsible for steering and executing the long term vision of the company. As a strong advocate of communication, execution, and technology he leads the company’s expansion while staying true to its core values. Alan attended Loyola Marymount University and USC where he studied film production and went on to study marketing at San Jose State University. Prior to joining Alliance, he spent over 17 years in the IT industry at companies of various sizes: Threshold Entertainment (Special Effects), The One Technology Group (real-time translation) and Sun Microsystems (now Oracle).

Alan loves being outdoors and staying active through cross training on TRX, swimming and playing tennis and basketball. He can be found cooking and entertaining family and friends when he is away from work.

Holmes Koo

Holmes Koo

General Manager

Holmes is responsible for driving the strategic direction and day-to-day business operations for Alliance Technologies. He currently oversees the ongoing planning, development, and execution of Alliance Technologies’ projects while working closely with existing and potential customers to expand their digital media and E-commerce strategies. Holmes received a B.A. in Political Economy with a Minor in Public Policy from the University of California, Berkeley. During his downtime, he can be found with Frankie the Jindo or on the basketball court improving his game.

Charlene Leung

Charlene Leung

Sr. Project Manager

Charlene leads the day to day execution of various ecommerce projects. She has a sharp eye for customer focused design and provides experienced creative and functional direction. Prior to entering the fast paced world of technology, Charlene honed her left-brain skills in Fund and Management Accounting at a prominent hedge fund. Charlene graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with dual degrees in Economics and Political Science. In her free time, Charlene enjoys making things from scratch whether it be building, sewing, baking or brewing.

Nick Hartman

Nick Hartman

Lead Designer

Nick leads the creative strategy for our ecommerce projects. From print to packaging and web to apps, Nick’s intuitive ability to understand a brand and target market allows him to create relevant designs. He is also extremely versatile because if his extensive front-end developer abilities. Nick graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Geography in 2000. After graduating, Nick went on to work at ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) in Redlands, CA. He worked on the application prototype development team where he participated in projects for various governments including the CIA, FBI, and NIMA. After two years at ESRI, he went on to work at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena CA, where he developed internet based applications and fell in love with the software design & development process. During his time at JPL, Nick started taking on freelance web development & design work. He also decided to pursue a Masters in Computer Science from California State at Long Beach.

Nick does not like to be disturbed on weekends, when he spends quality time with his wife and newly born son. He likes to build model rockets as it does not require meetings.

Armando Andrade

Armando Andrade

Sr. Developer [Team Lead]

Armando leads the Development Strategy at Alliance Technologies. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Universidad De Guadalajara, Armando worked in various positions where he built his programming foundations. He first worked for the Government in Mexico where he developed PHP and MySQL driven Intranets and Extranets for reservation booking systems. He went on to lead the development and successful implementation of a custom web-based ERP system that included project management, human resources, payroll, billing and expense control modules. Prior to joining Alliance as our Lead Developer Armando moved to the United States and continued honing his craft at various start-ups and digital agencies in Southern California.

Armando spends his time off immersed in Music and Culture and is so in love with programming that he dreams in code (mainly in PHP but he uses GIT to organize his dreams).

Megan Woo

Megan Woo

Sr. Frontend Developer
Chris Hasbrouck

Chris Hasbrouck

Backend Developer
Nicolas Gonzalez

Nicolas Gonzalez

Full Stack Developer

Nicolas is a LAMP developer with over 10 years of experience in both Front-End and Back-End development technologies. He is obsessive about always attempting to write a clean and neat code while balancing time and feature requirements. He makes it a goal to always stay committed to following web standards and best practices.

Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family taking walks or just being at home with good food and a good movie.

Pavel Romashkin

Pavel Romashkin

Full Stack Developer
Sam Yi

Sam Yi

Frontend Developer
Emmanuel Garcia

Emmanuel Garcia

Frontend Developer

Emmanuel is a frontend developer for Alliance Technologies. His duties include design integration, implementing site functionality, and building/improving user interaction and content management for clients. Emmanuel holds a B.S. in New Media Communications from Oregon State University. His passion for media, computer programming, and the web helped drive him towards pursuing a career in web development. Emmanuel is dedicated to expanding his skill set and continuing to master new web technologies and constantly raising the bar with every project.

Emmanuel is a workout nut so in his free time he drinks a lot of protein shakes and lives at the gym.

Neil Ibrahim

Neil Ibrahim

Lead DevOps Engineer

Neil manages the design, deployment and operation of Internal IT/DevOps projects and Customer Infrastructure. He draws on over fifteen years of technical experience and an extensive education to closely align the best technological solutions with new and existing business requirements. Neil is dedicated to moving project plans forward and solving any quandaries encountered on the way.

Outside of work Neil trains gets excited about quality craft cocktails, training with firearms and racing his sports car.

K.C. Lu

K.C. Lu

Associate DevOps Engineer - Asia Office

K.C. started at Alliance over 20 years ago in the manufacturing division overseeing the company’s electronics oriented projects. He has always doubled as our DevOps engineer in the Taiwan office and with the expansion of our technologies division, K.C. has started to transition to the technologies side of the business because of his true passion for IT and computers. With his natural inclination towards electronics and computers, K.C. has roots in IT going back to the DOS days prior to even Windows 3.1. His vast understanding of software and hardware systems along with networking experience allows him to leap frog into Cloud Computing rather comfortably. K.C. executes the technology divisions IT needs and allows us to extend our service and support hours to 24/7.

K.C. spends quality time with his family outside of work on weekends but can frequently be found scouting the latest tech gadgets at Taipei’s infamous Guang Hua Technology Market.

Jackie Heredia

Jackie Heredia

Assoc. Project Manager
James Park

James Park

Assoc. Technical Project Manager
Apple Lin

Apple Lin

Assoc. Project Manager - Asia Office

Apple facilitates our clients initiatives that involve branding, distribution and technology in the Asia markets. From Weibo to Ali Express she is well versed with the local psychology and marketing needs in Asia. On a day to day basis Apple helps our team execute the action items of design and production with our growing Taiwan office team. Previous to Alliance, Apple worked for 7 years in the medical devices industry where she was instrumental in helping to build brand equity through digital marketing and event marketing.

In her free time Apple reads a lot and loves to travel and explore culinary gems.

Cindy Lo

Cindy Lo


After earning her degree in Geography at York University (Toronto, Canada), Cindy decided to explore her interests in Fashion and obtained an Associate Degree in Fashion Design at Blanch Macdonald (Vancouver BC). Her passion for Fashion Design eventually led her to Milan, Italy where she received her Masters in Product Merchandizing at the prestigious Instituto Marangoni. In 2002, upon returning from her endeavors overseas, she accepted a position as Controller at Blitz North America, a premier Japan-based aftermarket automobile parts manufacturer. In 2007 to present, she’s been serving as Controller at Alliance Global Inc. where she manages all the financial transactions of the company.

In her free time she enjoys relaxing, dining and spending as much time as she can with her husband and daughter. We are patiently waiting for Cindy to design our outfits at Alliance.




  • Magento Ecommerce
  • Amazon EC2 & Amazon Web Services
  • nChannel Order Management
  • Listrak
  • Braintree Payment Systems
  • CloudFlare
  • Olapic Visual Commerce
  • VMware Virtualization
  • Newgistics Logistics
  • Order Groove Subscription
  • SubscribePro Subscription
  • Project Management
  • Onestepcheckout
  • Amasty


We hire to keep and want our TEAM members constantly thirsty to learn and grow.

Digital Project Manager

Are you detail oriented, motivated and want to work at a fast paced company that is growing rapidly? We are looking for an ambitious individual that has a thirst for absorbing new web technologies, managing projects working with awesome people and developing a long term career at the company.

The Digital Project Manager will manage projects from inception to completion. This dynamic role involves collaborating in a team environment to scope, plan and ensure that projects are delivered at the highest quality, on time and on budget.

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Front-End Web Developer

Are you detail oriented, motivated and want to work at a fast paced company that is growing rapidly? We are looking for an ambitious individual that has a thirst for web programming and looking to build a long term career at the company.

The responsibilities of this employee will be:
Working with in house web-designers to design and translate design wireframes/PSDs into websites; analyze customer requirements and write HTML/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery front-end code to implement on existing and new websites. Implement visual elements on website and take active role in defining cross-browser compatibility requirements across customer websites.

The requirements of this position are:
Bachelor Degree in CS or Multimedia & Creative Technologies, JavaScript/jQuery, HTML5/CSS

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