Alan Wang


Alan is responsible for steering and executing the long term vision of the company; globally.  As a strong advocate of communication, execution, and technology he leads the company’s expansion while staying true to its core values.  Alan attended Loyola Marymount University and USC for film production and went on to study marketing at San Jose State University.  Prior to joining Alliance, he spent over 15 years in the IT industry.  In 1998 Alan helped bring movies to life at Threshold Entertainment by implementing blade server infrastructure, fiber networks and storage solutions for film production companies.  As his skill sets grew, he shifted his focus to the business side of IT and helped key management understand how to cost effectively utilize technology.  At The One Technology Group he served as a technical liaison to enterprise customers helping them globalize their websites in real-time.  In 2002 Alan went on to join the processor and network security group at Sun Microsystems (now Oracle).  There, he worked as a solutions architect to implement web applications for various business units.

Lan Ying Teng

General Manager - Taiwan Office

Mrs. Teng brings 35 years of global sourcing management experience to the Alliance team. On a day-to-day basis Mrs. Teng manages Alliance’s vast network of factory relationships and our engineering team. She is also chartered with overseeing financial initiatives and budgets. Beyond the daily responsibilities, Ms. Teng works closely with key management in the US and China offices to continue growing Alliance’s manufacturing capabilities and developing new products.

Wen Chuan Wang

General Manager - China Office

Mr. Wang brings over 40 years of global sourcing, manufacturing management and automotive experience to the Alliance Team. On a day-to-day basis Mr. Wang overseas our the operations of the China office including design, production, quality control, export and finances. Mr. Wang manages our team of engineers who are constantly keeping a pulse to our vast network of factories and ensure that quality requirements are met and items are shipped on time.

Bobby Leang

Senior Engineer

From 1996 to 2002, Bobby attended the University California of Riverside, where he double majored in both Business Administration and Fine Arts. After college, his interest in automobiles lead him to work for Blitz North America, a premier Japan-based aftermarket automobile parts manufacturer, where he served as VP of Marketing. He was responsible for managing all visual artwork representation, print and digital. In the latter part of his career at Blitz North America, Bobby became increasingly responsible in operational and management capacities. In 2006, he joined Alliance Global with the opportunity to pursue his true passion and work as the technical lead on product development and project management.  

Jimmy Kao

Senior Engineer - Taiwan Office

Mr. Kao brings over 30 years of manufacturing management and quality control experience to Alliance. On a day-to-day basis, Mr. Kao is responsible for executing activities pertaining to new and existing products for various customers. Furthermore, he visits factories weekly to provide detailed reporting on factory conditions, quality metrics of products and parts as well as making sure that all necessary QC documents, export documents and logistics are arranged for outbound container shipments. Mr. Kao has been with Alliance for over 25 years.

K.C. Lu

Senior Engineer - Taiwan Office

Mr. Lu brings over 25 years of manufacturing engineering experience to the Alliance team. On a day-to-day basis Mr. Lu overseas all of Alliance’s electronics oriented products and projects. He engages factories and oversees design and engineering, manufacturing production and quality control. Mr. Lu is also responsible for visiting factories on a weekly basis to maintain factory relationships, ensure quality requirements are met and shipment documentation is prepared accurately. Mr. Lu has been with the company for over 20 years.

Cloud Lee

Engineer - China Office

Mr. Lee is responsible for managing the day to day activities with our factories. From design engineering to quality control, Mr. Lee oversees the daily interactive and ensures that production and quality is on track

Sean Chu

Engineer - China Office

Mr. Chu is responsible for overseeing day to day activities with the factories. From design, production management to quality control, Sean ensures that products are produced to quality requirements and delivery schedules are met.

Alex Wang

Operations Manager

Alex oversees the overall business strategy and reinforces the strong working relationships with Alliance’s customers, factories and sub-vendors.  He continuously streamlines our supply chain communication and executes operational objectives to ensure quality products are delivered to specifications and on time.  From engaging customers to up-keeping standards of quality, Alex is chartered with making sure that Alliance exceeds expectations. Prior to working at Alliance, Alex was a Investment Sales Associate at NAI BT Commercial and Cassidy Turley Commercial Real Estate.  During the first few months of his employment, Alex became the top performer in the Multi-Family business unit sourcing over $10 million in deals.  Alex received a B.A. in Economics from the University of California Berkeley and continues to be heavily involved in various entrepreneurial ventures.

Danny Dudas

Account Manager

Danny has been with the company over two decades, and is responsible for managing customer accounts for key product lines.  On a daily basis, he ensures that our customers receive the highest level of customer service. From diligently responding by email to every request to spending as much time that is needed with every customer, Danny reinforces our commit to excellence. Prior to working at Alliance, Danny was a top account manager at an aerospace fastener company where he was the main force behind consistent revenue growth.

Marco Huerta

Client Services

Marco provides customers with a 360 degree view of their supply chain schedule.  His day to day responsibilities include helping clients with incoming purchase orders, tracking work in process, and checking delivery dates. He makes sure that everything is accounted for and that products are on time and delivered to our customer’s requirements. Prior to joining Alliance, Marco had extensive experience as an Office Manager for over 10 years. 

Cindy Lo


After earning her degree in Geography at York University (Toronto, Canada), she decided to explore her interests in Fashion and obtained an Associate Degree in Fashion Design at Blanch Macdonald (Vancouver BC). Her passion for Fashion Design eventually led her to Milan, Italy where she received her Masters in Product Merchandizing at the prestigious Instituto Marangoni. In 2002, upon returning from her endeavors overseas, she accepted a position as Controller at Blitz North America, a premier Japan-based aftermarket automobile parts manufacturer. In 2007 to present, she’s been serving as Controller at Alliance Global Inc. where she manages all the financial transactions of the company.

Jennifer Lin

Controller - Taiwan Office

Jennifer Lin is responsible for the execution of our financial initiatives. From standard accounting duties to managing our export documentation, Jennifer streamlines processes makes sure that efficiencies are improved. Jennifer has been with the company for over 30 years.

Juan Hernandez

Warehouse Manager

Juan has been with the company for close to 3 decades now and is responsible for all of our warehouse activities. Receiving inventory, arranging incoming and outgoing shipments, and optimizing our warehouse space are some of the many his responsibilities. Juans strong work ethic continues to inspire his co-workers and seniors at the company.

Alberto Morales

Shipping Manager

Alberto’s strong interest in cars led him to pursue a career with Alliance. Here Alberto assists Juan as well as the rest of the team with their logistics needs helping with packaging and shipping. Beyond this, he also assists in quality assurance, making sure that all products are inspected before released to our customers. Being knowledgable in cars, trucks and beyond Alberto is pivotal in helping the team analyze new product or prototype existing ones.